CTS Pot, 500k / 500k Audio, Concentric
CTS Pot, 500k / 500k Audio, Concentric Dimensions - CTS Pot, 500k / 500k Concentric

CTS Pot, 500k / 500k Audio, Concentric

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• Both Sections: 500k Audio Taper (Logarithmic)
• Solid-Shaft (Setscrew Knobs)
• .186" Upper Shaft Diameter
• .265" Lower Shaft Diameter
• 3/8-32 UTS Bushing Thread
• .250" Bushing Length
• High Torque

We sell these pots individually, the image shows two so that you can see more detail.

The best guitar pots we're aware of are made by CTS - this is the brand that pretty much every American guitar company has used since the 1940s. This concentric pot gives you two controls in the space of one. An example of its use would be as the volume control in a two-humbucker guitar, where you would have independent control of each pickup, but using only one control location.

You'll need special knobs for this pot, and we stock a couple that we buy from Fender that are made specifically for CTS pots (many concentric knob sets won't fit this pot, as they're made for imported pots with other shaft diameters).

More Information
Pack Individual
Pot Bushing Length .250"
Pot Shaft Style Solid-Shaft
Pot Taper Audio Taper
Pot Type Concentric
Pot Value 500k Ohms
UPC does not apply
Guitar Type Telecaster
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