Fender Knob Set, Strat, Black
Fender Knob Set, Strat, Black

Fender Knob Set, Strat, Black

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Genuine Fender Stratocaster knob set. Designed for knurled split-shaft pots. The smooth internal bore has no molded-in teeth, so the pot impresses its pattern into the knob the first time the knob is pushed onto the pot shaft. The knobs can therefore be used on the 24-tooth pot shafts that CTS uses, or the 18-tooth pot shafts of other imported pots.

Fender does not include a switch tip with this knob set, but we add a genuine Fender tip since we assume if you need a knob set then you'll need a switch tip too. Be advised that the switch tip is designed for CRL or Oak-Grigsby switches. It won't fit properly on switches from other manufacturers.

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