GrooveTech Guitar Player Tech Kit
GrooveTech Guitar Player Tech Kit

CruzTools GrooveTech Guitar Player Tech Kit

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This is a very nice small toolkit for guitar players, it's exactly what you need for day to day maintenance. The tools are primarily made in China (the hex wrenches are Bhondus, made in the USA), so they aren't as expensive as premium American-made tools, but they're good tools nonetheless.

Nothing about these kits feels cheap. Quality tools, in quality cases. Even the packaging is impressive. Given the junk tools we've seen in so many kitchen drawers over the years (those 99-cent screwdrivers!), we know there are those among you who really need better stuff. Here's an option that won't break the bank, and will fit in the pocket of many cases. Super nice!

Diagonal Cutters (6.25")
String Winder
6" Stainless Steel Rule (Inch/Metric)
Setup Booklet

Feeler Gauge Set:

Screwdriver w/ 6-Way Reversible Blade:
Phillips #1
Phillips #2
Flat .100"
Flat .200"
Socket 1/4"
Socket 5/16"

Hex Wrenches:
Ball Hex 1/8"
Ball Hex 3/16"
Ball Hex 4mm
Ball Hex 5mm
Hex .050"
Hex 1/16"
Hex 5/64"
Hex 3/32"
Hex 1.5mm
Hex 2.5mm
Hex 3mm

Zipper Pouch (9.5x8x1 inches)

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