GuitarGuys Hotrod - Fender Stratocaster
GuitarGuys Hotrod - Fender Stratocaster GuitarGuys Hotrod - Fender Stratocaster

GuitarGuys Hotrod - Fender Stratocaster

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Tone Shapers puts together pro-level hotrodded guitars that sell for reasonable prices. These guitars showcase products that we sell, and the profits fund our GuitarGuys YouTube web show.

This GuitarGuys Hotrod uses a USA-made Fender maple neck, with a Mexican-made Fender body.

Click here to hear this guitar put through its paces.

Genuine Fender alder replacement body, made in Mexico at Fender's Ensenada plant. Candy Apple Red. This body has a metallic gold undercoat, which the semi-transparent red topcoat subtly reveals. The Fender gold-anodized aluminum pickguard enhances this, in the right light you can see the golden hue under the paint. It's pretty gorgeous.

Fender offers both Mexican and American necks, and this is one of the American ones. Finished in nitrocellulose lacquer, it is essentially a '50s reissue neck. But it employs a 9.5" radius rather than the vintage 7.25" radius of the '50s guitars, which allows lower action without the guitar "fretting out" when strings are bent. Beautiful neck - pricey, but the real deal.

We decided to go all out on this guitar, and that means one of our ToneShaper NextGen wiring kits. This kit uses the highest quality components, and features built in functionality that you cannot get elsewhere. You can set it up with two tone controls, or with a single tone and a "blender" control that will allow you to combine the neck/bridge - or all three pickups - together, and with tonal shading that's just not available any other way. You can assign the tone controls to different pickups, select from various capacitance values for each tone control to tweak them just the way you want, and more.

And of course we wanted great pickups, and we decided that Suhr's Michael Landau models were just the ticket. If you don't know who Michael Landau is, you'll want to look him up. And most people will be familiar with John Suhr (Suhr guitars, amps, and effects). The originator of the renowned Pensa-Suhr guitars, and formerly a Senior Master Builder in Fender's Custom Shop, he is known worldwide as a purveyor of some of the finest guitars and amps in existence.

Hardware & Misc
We know the best hardware maker out there, his name is Bill Callaham. This guitar has a full Callaham tremolo unit, for the best action and tone available in a 6-screw tremolo. This is the finest bridge of its type that we're aware of. We also used a Callaham neck plate, which is thicker than the Fender plates, and is stainless steel rather than chrome-plated brass. Callaham makes these plates with or without a random 5-digit serial number stamped in them, and we went with one of the numbered plates before we remembered that the neck is serialized from Fender. If the buyer would prefer a non-serialized plate, we'll swap it. We rounded out the Callaham hardware selection with their stainless steel strap buttons.

Gotoh makes the best vintage style tuners we're aware of, and this is what we've used on this guitar. These were sourced from Fender and have FENDER stamped in their backs, but they are the good Japanese tuners. These are the ones you want.

The rest of the hardware and plastic is from Fender. We used the Fender jackplate, and their aged white accessory kit for the knobs, pickup covers, and the switch and trem arm tips.

We know you want a nice case. We're partial to gig bags, the good ones are well made and offer plenty of protection, but they're just so much lighter and easier to carry around than hard cases, that we strongly prefer them. Fender has a new line of gig bags, and we're including the top of that line - the FE1225 - with this guitar. It's a pretty nice bag!

Guitar Weight: 7.80 Pounds
Scale Length: 25.5"
Fretboard Radius: 9.5"
Fret Width: .100"
Fret Height: .040"

All components used in this guitar - including the neck/body - are new. All parts carry the warranty from their original manufacturer.

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