John Suhr Pickup, Strat, V60LP (Low Peak), Bridge
John Suhr Pickup, Strat, V60LP (Low Peak), Bridge Cover Removed - Front Cover Removed - Rear

John Suhr Pickup, Strat, V60LP (Low Peak), Bridge

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• DC Resistance, Neck: 6.3 kΩ
• DC Resistance, Middle: 6.3 kΩ (RWRP)
• DC Resistance, Bridge: 7.2 kΩ
• Magnets: Alnico V Special
• Wire: Formvar
• Fiber Color: Black
• Hookup Wire: Braided Cloth
• Cover: White (use standard Fender-style covers)

The V60LP pickups faithfully recreate the classic single-coil sounds of the '60s. These pickups also use the same magnets that were used in the pickups made during that era. What you get are clear bell-like highs, warm and punchy mids, and big yet firm lows that are the hallmark of great vintage pickups.

The V60LP pickup is wound using a proprietary winding process that replicates the hand-wound pattern of some early '60s single-coil pickups - which have a natural roll off on the top end, imparting sweeter and rounder highs.

Calibrated for each position, with an RWRP middle for hum-canceling in the 2 and 4 positions. These pickups incorporate a modified staggered-polepiece design to provide an even magnetic field needed to accommodate instruments with flatter neck radii and today’s string gauges.

More Information
Pickup Position Bridge
Pickup Trade Name V60LP (Low Peak)
Pickup Type Single-Coil
UPC Does not apply
Guitar Type Stratocaster
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