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Callaham Height-Adjustable Locking Steel Tailpiece Studs

Callaham Height-Adjustable Locking Steel Tailpiece Studs

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These studs and inserts are made from steel bar and then nickel plated, and they are the only studs available that allow for the tailpiece to be raised and still remain fully locked to the body. They use 5/16-24 thread, which is standard on USA Gibson instruments.

Studs are made to fit guitars with 5/16-24 threaded inserts. If you have 5/16-24 inserts already installed in your guitar, do not remove them. The inserts provided by Callaham are only for new construction or for those who need to replace the metric inserts in an imported guitar (be sure you know what you're doing!). Studs come with three sets of graduated bushings to set the tailpiece to accommodate different back-angle requirements you may encounter:

  • The tallest set of bushings is to simulate top wrapping of the tailpiece for the least amount of back angle
  • The thinnest set of bushings replicates the height of a stock Gibson stud that is fully installed
  • The middle set allows you to have an in-between setup

All 3 bushings have their advantages and only through experimentation will you find what you like best. When tightening the studs do not use a screwdriver. Use a coin or specialized driver.

If you intend to use the studs for a bridge
...for example, for a wraparound-style bridge rather than a tailpiece - where the studs will determine the action height - then Callaham will make you custom bushings to get the action just where you want it:

  1. Install the studs with either the tall or medium-height bushings.
  2. Tighten fully using a coin or specialized driver.
  3. Measure your string height at the 12th fret from the top of the fret to the bottom of the string for both E strings. Record those numbers.
  4. Contact Callaham and tell them what you want the action to be for those strings at the 12th fret.
  5. Callaham will make custom bushings to set the required height and the bridge will be fully locking.
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