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CTS 500k Audio/Log Push-Pull Pot, Solder-Free (2 Pack)

CTS 500k Audio/Log Push-Pull Pot, Solder-Free (2 Pack)

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This is a 2-pack of our PP01 pot.

  • Solder free!
  • 500k audio taper (logarithmic)
  • Split, knurled shaft (24 teeth), for push-on knobs
  • Included sleeve turns split-shaft pot into 1/4" solid-shaft for setscrew knobs
  • 3/8-32 UTS bushing thread
  • .500" bushing length, long enough for rear-routed guitars
  • Screwdriver included

The best guitar pots we're aware of are made by CTS, and these CTS push/pull pots combine that great CTS quality with the convenience of a built-in DPDT switch that can be used for many things: coil splitting, phase reverse, series/parallel, and more.

Our Solderless Version Solves a Problem
When we first saw the CTS DPDT push/pull pots we knew they'd be somewhat daunting to solder to, as the wire connections for the switch are made via holes in the circuit board. You have to stick the wire into the hole, try to hold it in place without wiggling it, then solder it to the circuit board. There's not much room, and once a couple of wires are in place it gets pretty crowded. The three pot contacts are straightforward and easy to solder to, but the six holes for the switch contacts are anything but, unless you're an experienced solderer.

The ToneShaper Solution
Our pots use screw-down terminal blocks: insert the wire, tighten the screw, done! Easy peasy, and we even provide the screwdriver. The terminal block has nine slots: three for the pot, and six for the switch, so no soldering is required at all. Pay a few bucks extra and save yourself a bunch of hassle!

Option One: PP01 (500k)
We offer two versions of our push/pull. PP01 is just a straight-ahead push/pull, it does exactly what any push/pull pot does, nothing more and nothing less, but it's fully solderless.

Option Two: PP02 (Use as 500k or 250k)
Our PP02 pot is just like our PP01 but with several additional features built-in, and you can enable or defeat these options using the mini-DIP switches:

  • Engage a resistor to drop the pot loading from 500k to 250k
  • Built-in treble bleed may be engaged (when used as a volume control)
  • Choose from seven built-in capacitor values (when used as a tone control)
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Customer Reviews

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Blackbird Custom Guitars
Push/Pull Pots

I always get these from you because they are excellent and work well.

No solderless grounding

The one key oversight is there's no solderless ground terminal, so these are close to useless. The situation is made worse by the fact that there's not even any good place to wire the ground.

I'm using them to try different pickup combos and will replace with real gear when I've sorted it out, so not a huge waste of money but still very annoying.

This is the first time we've heard this criticism - like your criticism of our CORE 5-way, we think it's unjustified. The CTS push/pull pots come with a CTS-supplied PCB that has no ground lug either, and is difficult to solder to. Our PCB - which CTS installs for us - requires no soldering; for many people that's an improvement.

Further, no CTS pot we've ever seen of any type has a ground lug - the casing is solderable (the term CTS uses), and you can solder to the casing of these push/pulls as readily as the casing of other CTS pots, we've done it many times.

John Frusciante


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