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We Wire Electric Guitars

We manufacture our own line of ToneShaper wiring products to fit many popular guitars. Our flagship NextGen ToneShaper products provide best-case tonality (we know how important this is to you!), with unprecedented configurability and flexibility. Add unmatched ease-of-installation, and you have the finest wiring products available anywhere, at any price.

Our Classic and VHUB wiring products fit the needs of players looking for conventional wiring kits (Classic), and those who seek a middle ground between conventional and our full-blown NextGen products (VHUB). Both of these product lines are built with the finest industry-standard component brands - many made to our tolerances - that have been OEM suppliers to the American guitar industry since its inception in the 1940s.

Just The Good Stuff

Whatever you need to wire your guitar, we're the place. In this age of dumbed-down service - and "you can't get it good, but you can get it cheap!" product selection - ToneShapers is a breath of fresh air. We have the best stuff, we have the greatest expertise, and we have the killer service.

We're the guys you want to know!

To all of you, from all of us at ToneShapers -
Thank You and Happy Jamming!