ToneShaper Wiring Kit, Stratocaster, HH5 (Total Green Machine)
ToneShaper Wiring Kit, Stratocaster, HH5 (Total Green Machine) Professional Documentation Included Professional Documentation Included

ToneShaper Wiring Kit, Stratocaster, HH5 (Total Green Machine)

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Total Green Machine
You’ve heard of Peter Green? After replacing Eric Clapton in John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, he formed the seminal blues band Fleetwood Mac (this was in 1967: pre- Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham). Green owned a 1959 sunburst Les Paul that had one of the pickups out of phase with the other. The out-of-phase pickups lent the guitar a distinctive tone in the middle switch position.

This is easy to achieve with any dual-humbucker guitar. You can reverse the phase of a pickup by reversing its hot/ground connections, or by reversing its magnets (but not by unscrewing the pickup from the guitar and rotating it 180˚ - that does not change its phase). The pickup in Green’s guitar was reversed by having its magnet flipped, and this may have been inadvertent, or it may have come that way from the factory as a mistake.

Reversing the phase of a pickup doesn't change its tone when used singly, but it does change the tone when it’s combined with another pickup. And now Tone Shapers brings this tonal anomaly to your Strat, but in an expanded way so that you can have the two pickups combined in-phase in the normal way, or out-of-phase for that Green tone (again, this only affects the middle switch position, where the two pickups are combined).

We use our ToneShaper pushbutton switch to toggle between the two modes. This low-profile switch is unobtrusive, but right where you need it for quick changes in the heat of battle. Mounted to the volume pot with a nifty circuit board, it also incorporates a resistor and capacitor that help to minimize tonal change when you roll down the volume control (this feature may be bypassed). All passive, no batteries.

Dual Volume Controls
Of course, to make the most of this wiring, you need to have individual volume controls for each pickup. In the out-of-phase position, subtle changes to either volume control yield substantial tonal changes, so there’s a lot of flexibility lurking in this setup. We finish it off with a single, master tone control, that’s active all of the time. We also use 500k pots with this wiring, since most humbuckers are voiced with 500k pots in mind (this is the value traditionally used by Gibson).

This wiring kit includes everything you need to wire a two-humbucker Stratocaster with Total Green wiring (refer to the images above for a switching diagram). It includes the finest components, from the same suppliers that the large U.S. guitar companies have used for decades:

• (1) Capacitor, .022µF Orange Drop
• (1) Jack, Switchcraft 1/4" Mono
• (2) Pot, CTS 500k Audio, Low Torque (1/4" Bushing Length)
• (1) Screw for Shielding Ground Lug
• (1) Shielding Ground Lug
• (1) Switch, 3-Way, CRL
• (1) ToneShaper Pushbutton Switch, Split-Shaft, 500k (Tall)
• (1) Wiring Loom, Strat HH
• (3) Wire, 22 AWG Cotton Push Back w/ Tinned Overcoat, Black
• (3) Wire, 22 AWG Cotton Push Back w/ Tinned Overcoat, White
• (3) Wire, 22 AWG Stranded Silver-Plated Copper, Black PTFE
• (3) Wire, 22 AWG Stranded Silver-Plated Copper, White PTFE
• (1) Professional, Fully-Illustrated Wiring Diagram

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Pickup Configuration (HH) HB|HB
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