HH1 (Big Apple)

HH1 (Big Apple)

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Fender created the Big Apple Stratocaster in the 1990s in order to marry some of the most popular Strat tones with the humbucker tones of a Gibson. They followed this effort with more two-humbucker Strats - like the Double Fat Strat and the Blacktop Strat - making it clear that this pickup configuration has been met with a warm reception by players everywhere.

The scheme is straightforward: Positions 1/3/5 give you the straight-ahead humbucker tones you’d find in a Gibson, while the 2/4 are the “Fender” positions. Our experience is that the normal Strat’s 2-position (bridge/middle in parallel) and 5-position (neck only) are the two “must have” pickup options in the view of most players - these are the overwhelming favorites. The Big Apple wiring mimics these two settings in the 2 and 4 positions.

Our HH1 wiring scheme essentially employs the original Big Apple wiring, but with the notable exception that the second position uses one screw coil and one slug coil from the pickups in order to achieve hum-canceling. Like the original, we use a 500k volume pot since this is the value that most humbuckers are voiced with, but we’ve also added functionality that drops the volume pot’s value to 250k in the 2/4 positions, so the “Fender” positions will sound more convincing.

We’ve left the tone-control wiring alone, opting to use Fender’s original configuration - a tone control for the 1-position (bridge pickup), and the other tone control for the other four switch positions.

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