HH2 (Big A - Unbuckers)

strat hh2 image

click for HH2 diagram & details

A tweaked version of Fender's Big Apple wiring that works particularly well with unbalanced humbuckers, such as Fralin's Unbuckers, where each pickup contains a strong and a weak coil. These pickups split very nicely, as the strong coil that remains on is more similar to a Fender-esque single coil than half of a traditional (balanced) humbucker.

Our version provides the Fender and Gibson combinations in one guitar! You can think of this wiring as providing Fender positions (2/4) and Gibson positions (1/3/5). The Gibson positions have a 500k volume control and a dedicated tone control with .022µF cap, both of which are optimized for humbuckers. But in positions 2 and 4 we split the pickups into single-coils, so we drop the volume pot load to 250k, and provide a dedicated tone control for these positions that uses a .047µF cap. Again, dedicated controls that are optimized for single-coils. This pot optimization happens automatically.

In the 2 and 4 positions, we're mimicking two of the most popular settings found on a normal Strat: The bridge + middle position, and the neck-only position. In the 2 position, we use the strong (screw) coil from the neck, plus the weak (slug) coil from the bridge, combined in parallel. We do this so that this position will be hum-canceling.

In the 4 position, we're using the strong coil of the neck pickup.

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