SSS9 (Nashville DLX)

strat sss9 image

click for SSS9 diagram & details

Here’s a cool wiring scheme that combines the virtues of normal Strat wiring with the ability to get the neck/bridge combo in the middle position, like a Tele. We call this “Nashville” wiring, since it mimics the wiring in a Nashville Tele (that’s a 3-pickup Tele to you Yankees). Plus, the middle position may be toggled between the Nashville setup or standard Strat wiring. Now that’s deluxe!

We use our ToneShaper pushbutton switch to toggle the middle position. This switch fits neatly between the first two pots and the 5-way, and is completely unobtrusive while remaining readily accessible. In the “down” position it protrudes from the face of the pickguard only slightly, and in the “up” position it’s still very low-profile, so it won’t get in the way of your finger if you like to do volume swells.

Another cool feature of this wiring is that we’ve used our ToneShaper narrow superswitch rather than the standard 5-way, so that we can customize the tone controls. The standard Strat switch assigns the tone controls to specific pickups, but the superswitch assigns them to specific switch positions, which allows for more granular control. We’ve assigned the lower tone control to position 1 only, so that rolling off a little treble in the 1 position (bridge only) doesn't affect the tone in positions 2 or 3. This makes the tone controls more “real world” useful.

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