HH3 (Coil Split)

tele hh3 image

click for HH3 diagram & details

Fender’s popular Blacktop Tele features two humbuckers, but there is no provision to split the coils. The stock 3-way switch gives you the three classic Gibson humbucker combinations, but how about a little more flexibility?

Easy, just add our ToneShaper pushbutton switch and you can additional tonality at the touch of a button. This switch fits neatly between the volume and tone controls, and is completely unobtrusive while remaining readily accessible. In the “down” position it protrudes from the face of the control plate only slightly, and in the “up” position it’s still very low-profile, so it won’t get in the way of your finger if you like to do volume swells.

Our wiring diagram shows Duncan color codes, and we’ve inverted the colors for the neck pickup so that when the two split pickups are combined in position 2, the result will be hum-canceling (one screw coil and one slug coil).

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