SSS1 (Nashville DLX)

tele sss1 nashville image

click for SSS1 diagram & details

Stick a Strat middle pickup in a Tele and you have a Nashville Tele. This wiring was made popular by Nashville session players in the 1990s. Nashville ace Joe Glaser told us that the typical configuration would be to install a Duncan Hot Stack in the middle, and to wire its top coil to a dedicated volume control that was tucked in between the Teles’s normal volume and tone controls. Brent Mason’s Tele has a similar configuration, but with a Gibson mini-humbucker in the neck. The idea behind all of this, of course, is to add tonal flexibility by adding some Strat coolness to a Tele’s coolness.

Fender came out with the idea of tying the three pickups to a 5-way switch, rather than using the standard Tele 3-way switch. While this reduced the tonal flexibility somewhat, it cleaned up the guitar by getting rid of the third knob, which is a tight fit on a Tele’s control plate. This setup produced most of the commonly-asked-for switching combinations, but we’ve done it one better by incorporating our ToneShaper pushbutton switch where the third knob would have been placed. Pushing it toggles the function of the middle switch position, allowing the player to get the Strat thing or the Tele thing in the middle position. Hey, two things for the price of one, nothing wrong with that. ‘Specially when they’re Fender things!

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