What is NextGen?

ToneShaper NextGen wiring kits are the most tonally-flexible guitar wiring kits on the market today. They install in most guitars quickly and easily - and typically with no soldering - completely replacing the existing components (with the exception of the pickups). Featuring built-in circuit configurability, they allow you to customize the circuit to fit your needs and tonal preferences.

NextGen is our top-of-the-line offering, and the finest guitar wiring product available. Circuit board-based, but completely passive (no batteries), these kits are built in the USA with industry-standard component brands (CTS pots, Oak-Grigsby switches, Switchcraft jacks).

NextGen products are pickup-configuration driven, and are sorted into three categories: Strat, Tele, and everything else. Have an Ibanez with two humbuckers? Then browse our Other Guitars - HH offerings. Nashville Tele, with three single coils? Then you'll be looking at our Telecaster - SSS offerings.

Need help choosing?

We have many NextGen products - determining which ones are the best fit for your application might prove a little daunting. The products shown below have some labeling added to their images to help you visually sort them, and of course, you can click on the links on the left side of the page to narrow down the list. Also, we've prepared a couple of graphics that will help you to quickly funnel down to your best options, which we've linked to below. Finally, if you have questions, please feel free to call us (772-217-8662) or email us ([email protected]). We're happy to help!

Help me select using NextGen Flowchart
Help me select using NextGen Graphic Matrix 

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