What is VHUB?
It's a simple, stand-alone wiring device designed for various pickup & control configurations - in many popular guitars - that installs into your guitar in place of the volume control. Connect the rest of your existing components (pots, switches, jack, etc.) to the VHUB using quick, convenient screw-down terminals. Finally, make your pickup connections, and you're done.

Don't have existing components? Or, do you want to upgrade your controls in an imported guitar, or add functionality? Then consider one of our VHUB Completion Kits, which give you all of the components needed to complete the job!

Once installed, VHUB provides several cool benefits, such as the ability to swap pickups in and out quickly and without soldering, and the ability to customize your control settings.

We have two VHUB families: VHUB1 supports many pickup configurations, while VHUB2 is designed for Gibson-style guitars. Either version will support one or two tone controls. To narrow the offerings on this page to just the ones that are appropriate for your guitar, just select your pickup configuration from the PICKUP CONFIGURATION menu in the left column.

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