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Callaham Tremolo for Stratocaster, Narrow (2-7/32" Mount, 2-1/16" String Spacing)

Callaham Tremolo for Stratocaster, Narrow (2-7/32" Mount, 2-1/16" String Spacing)

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This is a complete tremolo unit that includes all hardware as pictured above. It will fit most guitars that have a vintage 6-screw bridge, but it uses the narrower 2-1/16" string spacing of the American Series guitars, which moves the two E strings away from the edges of the fretboard. If you have a guitar where the E strings are too close to the edge of the fretboard and get pulled off the edges too easily, then this bridge will fix that problem.

We include Callaham's "64" length virtual pop-in arm by default (5.25", refer to images); if you would prefer a different length, then please let us know at time of purchase via email, or add a comment to your payment via PayPal. We stock Callaham's arms with parchment tips only -- because we stock the full spectrum of plastic parts from Fender, we do not stock other colors from Callaham.

The blocks in all Callaham trems are made of 1018 cold-rolled steel like the vintage originals, which contributes to the sustain and harmonic content that has made these guitars legendary. Replacing a block made of inferior materials (zinc, leaded steel, sintered steel) with one of Callaham's blocks will get you one step closer to those $30,000 originals. All have a precision-machined top surface that is free of paint to ensure solid metal-to-metal contact with the top plate, for optimal tone.

Callaham's blocks are machined with shallow string ball holes, like the originals.

And all Callaham blocks come with a precision-reamed Delrin insert in the arm hole (Callaham's Enhanced Vintage design), which allows the tremolo arm to fit snugly and be free of play, without requiring a spring in the hole, as Fender's threaded blocks do. This gives you the best tremolo feel available, and without worrying about losing springs (in case you're unaware of it, new Stratocasters ship with a round label over the hole in the tremolo - the label's purpose is to prevent the tiny spring from falling out and being lost).

This feature also reduces the risk of broken trem arms. With traditional threaded block designs, when you use the arm you create forces that are concentrated right at the threaded portion of the arm - its weakest point. This is where arms typically break. Callaham's solution of leaving this bearing area of the arm unthreaded - coupled with the Delrin bushing that the arm bears against - virtually eliminates broken arms.

Callaham's saddles are designed from original pre-CBS saddles, with some improvements. Callaham has slightly lengthened the string slot as compared to pre-CBS saddles, so that the strings will not bind and bend against a sharp edge before going over the saddles, which reduces string breakage. Fender's current production saddles have their slots moved too far to the rear, causing string breakage and loss of downward pressure on the saddle, hurting both sustain and tone.

Callaham's saddles, like pre-CBS saddles, have threads running the entire height of the front skirt of the saddle. Fender's current production saddles have fewer threads and a shorter front skirt. Consequently, the Callaham height-adjustment screws are held more securely, with more thread contact, maintaining sustain and saddle stability.

There is a commonly-held belief that pre-CBS saddles were hardened, but Callaham states that every pre-CBS saddle they've tested measures on average only 50 Rockwell B. Callaham has chosen steel with a hardness of 95-98 Rockwell B for their saddles. Further, the steel work-hardens in the making of the saddle and is well over 115 Rockwell B where the string crosses.

  • Country of Manufacture: USA
  • Pop-in "64" arm included (other lengths available - see image)
  • String Spacing: 2-1/16" (2.062" / 52.4mm)
  • Screw Spacing: 2-7/32" (2.219" / 56.4mm)
  • Enhanced Vintage block, w/ 10-32 Thread
  • Fits Fender original 1954-1969; US Reissues; Highway 1 (all years); Custom Shop Time Machine Series; Jimmie Vaughan Strat; Eric Johnson Strat; Road Worn Strat; Japanese Reissues; Classic Series '50s/60s/70s
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Can't go wrong

Callahan makes the best strat bridges on the market. It's solid gear.

Eddie L
George & Ben Make It Work!

Though it took very little time to replace my old Strat trem the setup was the key. George talked me through it and all is good! Hint: Float the bridge! I usually do have them set to float, but followed Callaham's advice to deck it! Amazing what that threw off for me! Anyway, I called in, talked to Ben & George, and got it sorted out.

Chris Powell
Callaham Tremolo for Stratocaster, Narrow (2-7/32" Mount, 2-1/16" String Spacing)

Very impressed with this. Just picked up another one for my other strat.

John MacLeod (1956jamn)
Callaham tremolo

This tremolo is of very good quality. The Wilkinson bridge that I replaced was decent, but this is a step or two above it. It dropped right in and the action feels very smooth. My only complaint is I had a hard time adjusting raising and lowering saddle heights. The adjusting screws kept on walking from side to side when adjusting especially raising them. Spent more time adjusting screws than the main install. I ordered Highwood contoured vintage saddles to replace these. Seems like the screws had some slope that just made them hard to adjust. Adjust them high first, then lower them, this helped. Other than that, this is a great tremolo, and Tone Shaper was fast and easy to work with.

Bill Morgan
Callaham narrow Strat tremolo

I bought this to resolve the problem I had with my Vintera Strat, i.e. the E strings being too close to the edge of the fretboard. This bridge solved that problem perfectly. And of course being a Callaham product, the construction is immaculate. Installation was also very straightforward as the assembly basically dropped right in. I love it when a product does what it says it will do. Two thumbs up for Callaham. And to toneshaper for excellent service and quick delivery.

Derek Trucks


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