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Oak-Grigsby Logo

Oak-Grigsby is the current maker of switches for Fender's USA and Mexican production. Oak-Grigsby is owned by parent company Electroswitch, which also owns CRL, the original supplier of lever switches in Strats and Teles. Fender used CRL switches for decades, but the Mexican-made Oak switches are less expensive than the USA-made CRL switches, prompting Fender's move from CRL to Oak.

For traditional 3-way and 5-way applications, we prefer CRL switches and don't stock the Oak versions. However, for our circuit board-based ToneShaper products, we use Oak because they're available with PC-mount lugs, so we can mount circuit boards directly to the switches, which opens up new possibilities in designing circuits. Additionally, Oak has many more options available, including the very popular superswitches and 4-way switch shown below.

These are good solid switches and should last for decades.