Collection: Potentiometers (Pots) for Gibson Guitars

Longer 1/2" threaded bushings on these CTS pots have the length needed for nearly any rear-routed guitar. These will be appropriate in almost any Les Paul, ES-335, SG or similar guitar. Long enough to get through a guitar top, but still shallow enough to fit in an ES-335 or SG (note that push/pull pots may not fit in an SG cavity due to their length).

PLEASE NOTE: None of our pots have 3/4" length bushings. Gibson started using that length in Les Pauls in the late 1970s for a couple of reasons, but primarily for manufacturing expediency. If you have a Les Paul that has the pots mounted on a metal plate, and if you want to keep the plate in there (for most Les Paul owners it serves no useful purpose), then our pots are not long enough.