Collection: ToneShaper CORE - Solderless Guitar Wiring Components

ToneShaper CORE ComponentsHate Soldering?
We had the idea that lots of people would be interested in a line of generic wiring components that require little or no soldering, so we developed our CORE components. Consisting of a selection of pots and lever switches, plus some related wiring items, this system uses screw-down connections to make wiring your guitar a breeze.

There are limitations. For example, the minimal width of a Tele control cavity means that while you can use our CORE pots, our CORE switches won't physically fit in the cavity. So Teles will require a conventional switch along with its attendant soldering.

That said, many circuits can be wired to completion - or very nearly so - without any soldering. And if some soldering is required there will be a lot less of it than normal.

Because these components aren't soldered, they can be used over and over. So have a look and see if the circuit you want to build can be accomplished with our CORE system. It might buy you back your Saturday!

We have lots of documentation for this system - including complete wiring diagrams. Find them here.