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ToneShaper CORE Switch, 4-Way

ToneShaper CORE Switch, 4-Way

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Please note: Due to the width of this switch, it will not fit in a conventional top-routed Tele cavity.

Our CORE switches (patent pending) are the only ones of their type. Based on our conventional top-quality Oak-Grigsby switches, we've made our CORE line of components solder-free. Simply insert a wire into the slot and tighten with the included screwdriver. Voilà! Connection made.

This 4-way switch is designed primarily for guitars with two pickups (single-coils or humbuckers, it works with either), and it allows the pickups to be combined in both series and parallel. There are two configurations commonly used, and this switch will perform either one:

Position 4: Neck Pickup
Position 3: Both Pickups Wired in Series
Position 2: Both Pickups Wired in Parallel
Position 1: Bridge Pickup

Position 4: Both Pickups Wired in Series
Position 3: Neck Pickup
Position 2: Both Pickups Wired in Parallel
Position 1: Bridge Pickup

However, you're not limited to these two - this switch may be used in any wiring scheme where a lever-type 4-way switch would be used. The screw-down terminal block that holds the wires makes for a secure connection that is tonally identical to soldered connections, so your pickups will sound just like they should. You'll have our CORE components installed and connected in minutes instead of hours!

So put the soldering iron away, and stop breathing those fumes. And don't even think about paying a tech. With our CORE components everyone is a pro!

This 4-way switch is made by Oak-Grigsby, the current supplier of lever switches to Fender for USA and Mexico production.

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