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Wired Capacitor (Stranded Leads), .047µF Orange Drop

Wired Capacitor (Stranded Leads), .047µF Orange Drop

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Orange Drop 716P polypropylene capacitor. .047µF (microfarad), made for us by Cornell-Dubilier.

We've soldered stranded wire leads onto the legs of these caps, so they're a better match for our solder-free components that have screw-down terminals. Screw-down terminals are designed for stranded wire, and while they'll work with solid leads like you would normally find on capacitors and resistors, the leads on Orange Drop caps are fairly stiff and thick, more than on most small caps. So for optimal performance, if you're using our solderless components, we would recommend these caps with stranded wire over the stock Orange Drops with solid leads.

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