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Oak-Grigsby Lever Switch, 5-Way (4-Pole Narrow Superswitch)

Oak-Grigsby Lever Switch, 5-Way (4-Pole Narrow Superswitch)

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Our Oak-Grigsby 4-pole superswitch is custom made for us with a much narrower lug spacing than is typical, so it will fit in Tele control cavities. That's right, it'll fit in your Tele! It will work in any wiring scheme we're aware of where a 4-pole 5-way switch is required.

There are several makers of "superswitches": Oak-Grigsby, Yamaha, Schaller, and others. This one gives you access to all six lugs for each of the four poles - 24 lugs in all - so you have total wiring flexibility. When people use the term superswitch, they're most often referring to this family of Oak-Grigsby switches.

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Customer Reviews

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William Walker
Love the switch!

So my first order the switch seemed to hangup and lost one of the four sides on it- ordered another and it worked perfectly- for good measure ordered a third so I have it in stock for future use. This fit perfectly in a telecaster switch cavity. Toneshapers was fast ship and sold me a product exactly as described. Thanks!

Susan Santos

Received the product in a timely manner. Works great for my application. HH configuration with a push pull on the tone control. Great company. Will purchase from again.

Works really well, fit like a glove

Fit like a glove! No modification needed. Works really well.

The Gator
Pretty cool

Good quality narrow switch. I used a Hakko 880 and a very small chisel tip so soldering was easy.
I used instructions from the stewmac sight. The two extra tones are pretty cool. Of course the 3 main tele sounds are the most useful (Leo and George knew what they were doing), but the two new sounds are #2: both pickups in series giving a loud full humbucker sound although not hum canceling.
#4: both pickups parallel one reversed but the magnets are not changed of course so this is hum canceling but not strat like tone. More nasal tone. Kinda like having a crybaby cocked.
At first I thought it wouldn't be very useful, but it is very useful for heavy gain lead guitar.

Hi, thanks for the great review! Just want to add a comment that the results you're getting in terms of tonality and hum-canceling pertain to your specific application, and won't pertain to the applications of lots of other users. We don't want readers of your review to think for instance that the switch itself is imparting a cocked-wah sound, or is limiting hum-canceling options. Every application is going to differ based on the pickups used and the specific wiring scheme employed.

Thanks again!

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