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Oak-Grigsby Lever Switch, 5-Way (2-Pole Superswitch)

Oak-Grigsby Lever Switch, 5-Way (2-Pole Superswitch)

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...most references to superswitches will refer to 4-pole switches, not this 2-pole switch. We sell the 4-pole switches as well, so be sure you know which you need. If any doubt, contact us and we'll help you out.

This Oak-Grigsby 2-pole superswitch is very useful for certain wiring. It's most often used in a Nashville Tele (Tele with a Strat pickup added in the middle), but can be used in a Strat-style guitar that has a master tone control (a 2-control guitar, like an Ibanez or Suhr), where the Nashville Tele's pickup selection is desired:

Position 5: neck
Position 4: neck + middle
Position 3: neck + bridge
Position 2: bridge + middle
Position 1: bridge

In order to achieve the wiring above, both of the switch's poles are used. So there is no pole available to make tone control assignments, hence the requirement for a master tone control that is fed from the volume pot, rather than from the switch. Essentially this wiring marries the 1/2/4/5 positions of a Strat with the middle position of a Tele. If you're the player of a Strat-style guitar who likes the idea of the neck/bridge combination more than the middle pickup by itself, then this may be an option for you!

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Customer Reviews

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Switch review

It worked fine for my particular wiring job. No issues, well made.

Steven Barton (sb4033)
5-way Oak-Grigsby

Haven’t installed it yet but it appears to be quality. Shipping was quick and painless.

Jeff Beck


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