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Oak-Grigsby Lever Switch, 5-Way (2-Pole Superswitch)

Oak-Grigsby Lever Switch, 5-Way (2-Pole Superswitch)

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...most references to superswitches will refer to 4-pole switches, not this 2-pole switch. We sell the 4-pole switches as well, so be sure you know which you need. If any doubt, contact us and we'll help you out.

This Oak-Grigsby 2-pole superswitch is very useful for certain wiring. It's most often used in a Nashville Tele (Tele with a Strat pickup added in the middle), but can be used in a Strat-style guitar that has a master tone control (a 2-control guitar, like an Ibanez or Suhr), where the Nashville Tele's pickup selection is desired:

Position 5: neck
Position 4: neck + middle
Position 3: neck + bridge
Position 2: bridge + middle
Position 1: bridge

In order to achieve the wiring above, both of the switch's poles are used. So there is no pole available to make tone control assignments, hence the requirement for a master tone control that is fed from the volume pot, rather than from the switch. Essentially this wiring marries the 1/2/4/5 positions of a Strat with the middle position of a Tele. If you're the player of a Strat-style guitar who likes the idea of the neck/bridge combination more than the middle pickup by itself, then this may be an option for you!

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Customer Reviews

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Gary Mason (8182gary)
Oak-Grigsby 5 way 2 pole super switch

Perfect........ VERY FAST SHIPPING...........
I did not know that they made these........ till a couple weeks ago......
Just what I need................
Thank You !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Loren Nazareth
Great product

Quality product, great customer service and fast delivery.

Switch review

It worked fine for my particular wiring job. No issues, well made.

Steven Barton (sb4033)
5-way Oak-Grigsby

Haven’t installed it yet but it appears to be quality. Shipping was quick and painless.

Warren Haynes


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