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Callaham Premium Upgrade Kit, American Professional Strat

Callaham Premium Upgrade Kit, American Professional Strat

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This kit is for the Fender American Professional bridge. Although touted as a new and improved model, it still uses the powdered metal block typical of Fender's mass production models.

This kit replaces the powdered metal block with Callaham's renowned Enhanced tremolo block, produced from cold-rolled American steel, and featuring Callaham's proprietary zero-clearance bushing. This is then paired with a Callaham Virtual Pop-In tremolo arm (included). The kit also includes a set of Callaham vintage-style bent steel saddles with stainless steel screws and springs. Finally, four tremolo springs are provided that are superior to those provided by Fender.


  • Callaham American Professional Block, Enhanced
  • Callaham Vintage Stamped Steel "CG" Saddles for American Professional bridges, with stainless steel screws and springs
  • 3 stainless steel top plate screws
  • 4 tremolo Springs
  • Hex wrench for saddle height adjustment
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