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Callaham Stratocaster Saddle Set, Vintage "CG", Mexican (2-1/16" Spacing)

Callaham Stratocaster Saddle Set, Vintage "CG", Mexican (2-1/16" Spacing)

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  • Country of Manufacture: USA
  • String Spacing: 2-1/16" (2.062" / 52.4mm)
  • Nickel-plated steel
  • Fits Fender American Special Stratocaster: Classic Player Stratocaster; Highway 1 Stratocaster - 2006 and later; Standard Stratocaster

Callaham's saddles are designed from original pre-CBS saddles, with some improvements. Callaham has slightly lengthened the string slot as compared to pre-CBS saddles, so that the strings will not bind and bend against a sharp edge before going over the saddles, which reduces string breakage. Fender's current production saddles have their slots moved too far to the rear, causing string breakage and loss of downward pressure on the saddle, hurting both sustain and tone.

Callaham's saddles, like pre-CBS saddles, have threads running the entire height of the front skirt of the saddle. Fender's current production saddles have fewer threads and a shorter front skirt. Consequently, the Callaham height-adjustment screws are held more securely, with more thread contact, maintaining sustain and saddle stability.

There is a commonly-held belief that pre-CBS saddles were hardened, but Callaham states that every pre-CBS saddle they've tested measures on average only 50 Rockwell B. Callaham has chosen steel with a hardness of 95-98 Rockwell B for their saddles. Further, the steel work-hardens in the making of the saddle and is well over 115 Rockwell B where the string crosses.

Note that the Callaham saddles come with different spring lengths and height-adjustment screws, it's important that you install them in the right places:

  • E: short spring, short screws
  • A: long spring, long screws
  • D: long spring, long screws
  • G: short spring, long screws
  • B: long spring, long screws
  • E: long spring, short screws
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
BRUCE ROSE (bruce_maryann)
Callaham Stratocaster Saddle Set,

I've installed these in dozens of guitars. Simply the best!

Gary David

Fast shipping, quality guitar saddles

dan justice
Callaham Stratocaster Saddle Set, Vintage "CG", Mexican (2-1/16" Spacing) Review

I find it with my right hand and 2nd & 3rd finger snap/picking that 2 of the saddles would actually lift up and make some noise . I thought the Callahan saddles would be a little heavier but honestly, they do the job well and I am totally satisfied! The standard fender Squier saddles did not seem to hold their position. I would come down and notice that the first string would be a little bit lower . I really didn’t want to spend that much money on a saddle but I’ve been down the road before where I’ve invested money and wasn’t satisfied and one of my rules in life as I am older now is to try to do it once and done . I use to I work in a machine shop and I can tell you that the precision of the screws the tightness of everything is where it should be. Yes, I spent a little more than I wanted but there are no apologies for quality. ! I figure I can always take them off and put them on another guitar. If I decide to sell this one or he knows maybe I’ll keep it for a while. !

Michael P.
Absolutely beautiful, high quality saddles

I wanted to use these because they look and feel great but i ended up not needing them. I will Definately buy in the future for any mods. Highly recommend.

Joey Thomas
Callaham Stratocaster Saddle Set, Vintage "CG", Mexican (2-1/16" Spacing)

They were installed as an upgrade on a Squire Strat, and they fit perfectly. Way better saddles than originals that came of the Squire. I would highly recommend them.

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