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Callaham Telecaster Bridge, Vintage, for Bigsby Flat Mount Vibratos

Callaham Telecaster Bridge, Vintage, for Bigsby Flat Mount Vibratos

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Designed specifically for use with Bigsby vibratos. This bridge has a relieved rear lip to allow the stings to pass over it without interference. And the saddles are not only compensated (because you'll want your guitar to play in tune!), but they're also notched so as to ensure a consistent string spacing of 2-1/8" from E to E. You'll probably know what a benefit this is, as Bigsby string spacing is usually very inconsistent, forcing you to manually adjust the spacing by eye. Callaham has thoughtfully accounted for this and provided an elegant solution.

The intonation screws are slotted on their tips, allowing you to adjust the intonation from the front, since the Bigsby unit will block access from the rear.

Made with the same attention to detail as Callaham's other vintage Tele bridges, with folded edges that are then welded and ground/polished. Nickel plated, polished perimeter and top edge. Simply the best available of its type, both in function and in the quality of its materials and manufacture.
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