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Callaham Tele Saddles, Slant Compensated, Brass

Callaham Tele Saddles, Slant Compensated, Brass

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  • Country of Manufacture: USA

When the Telecaster (Broadcaster) was first designed and built in 1950, the bridge system was crude at best. It served the purpose of positioning the strings, but allowed for only coarse intonation adjustment. Callaham's bridge saddles use superior materials and design that deliver a wider frequency response, increased sustain, and far superior intonation, so your guitar will play in tune!

It's extremely important that an instrument intonate correctly, and it's equally important that the strings don't touch the height adjustment screws, which can be a problem on Fender bridges and their copies. Callaham ensures that this won't be a problem with their saddles by using smaller-diameter set screws, and moving them out closer to the ends of the saddles. Additionally, they are the only manufacturer that buffs every saddle, by hand, to a high luster. This allows the string to rest on a perfectly smooth surface. They also install height-adjustment screws of the correct length, preventing the screws from protruding up above the saddles and causing discomfort to the picking hand.

Callaham's saddles are available in either brass or stainless steel. The brass has a warmer tone and the steel has more punch and sustain. Two methods of compensation (intonation adjustment) are available: original "slant" compensation, or "enhanced vintage" compensation. The enhanced vintage saddles were introduced for those who want to maintain a complete vintage look and have perfect intonation. They offer the same benefits of Callaham's original slant-compensated saddles, but with the 90˚ (right-angle) look of original '50s saddles.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
nice quality and design

I like them. I prefer round vintage looking saddles not the new fangled stepped
or slotted ones. The best thing about these are that the set screws are smaller
and closer to the sides. It's a very simple but effective tweak that allows for better
string spacing. they also sound nice.

happy saddles

excellent saddles, clarity ease of play, so glad I ordered.

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