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Callaham Enhanced Tremolo Block, US Vintage Repro

Callaham Enhanced Tremolo Block, US Vintage Repro

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  • Country of Manufacture: USA
  • String Spacing: 2-7/32" (2.219" / 56.4mm)
  • Enhanced Vintage, w/ 10-32 Thread
  • Fits Fender original 1954-1969; US Reissues; Highway 1 (through 2005); Custom Shop Time Machine Series; Jimmie Vaughan Strat; Eric Johnson Strat; Road Worn Strat; MIJ Reissue (CIJ Reissue requires top plate); Classic Series '50s/60s/70s; WD Exact Vintage; Stew-Mac Vintage

This block fits most American and some Mexican vintage 6-screw bridges. You can use your standard tremolo arm with this block, though a Callaham virtual pop-in arm is strongly recommended for best results.

All Callaham blocks are made of 1018 cold-rolled steel like the vintage originals, which contributes to the sustain and harmonic content that has made these guitars legendary. Replacing a block made of inferior materials (zinc, leaded steel, sintered steel) with one of Callaham's blocks will get you one step closer to those $30,000 originals. All have a precision-machined top surface that is free of paint to ensure solid metal-to-metal contact with the top plate, for optimal tone.

And all Callaham blocks come with a precision-reamed Delrin insert in the arm hole, allowing the tremolo arm to fit snugly and be free of play, without requiring a spring in the hole, as Fender's threaded blocks do. This gives you the best tremolo feel available, and no worries about losing springs (in case you're unaware of it, new Stratocasters ship with a round label over the arm hole in the tremolo - the label's purpose is to prevent the tiny spring from falling out and being lost). With Callaham's blocks, the need for a spring is eliminated.

The Delrin bushing is the feature that defines the Enhanced Vintage design. Since Fender's threaded arms (or any arm with a 10-32 thread, for that matter) can be used with Callaham's blocks, you are not forced to buy a Callaham arm for use with your Callaham block, but it is highly recommended.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Best Tremolo Block Upgrade

Great sustain. Brings out the best of your guitar. Definitely get the Callaham arm with the block. Won’t break, you can bend it to the angle you like. And smooth as butter.

Jason Jones
USA Quality

Great upgrade/replacement for vintage/RI strats. Fits like a glove, great quality

Alexander Schräder
High quality

The block looks like high quality, unfortunately I can’t say more as it did not fit to my JV Strat which requires a slightly more narrow block in width.

Michael Dae Hanlon
Great Replacement!

Just finished installing this replacement piece (broken tremolo in block ... lasted 17 years!) in my Eric Johnson Strat and it sounds great! Easy to install, included sufficient instructions.

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