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CTS Pot, 1M Audio, Solid Shaft

CTS Pot, 1M Audio, Solid Shaft

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  • 1 Meg Audio Taper (Logarithmic)
  • Solid-Shaft (Setscrew Knobs)
  • .250" Shaft Diameter
  • 3/8-32 UTS Bushing Thread
  • .250" Bushing Length (Mount to Pickguard or Control Plate)
  • Low Torque (Dimpled Back - Turns Easily)

We sell these pots individually, the image shows two so that you can see more detail.

This is the pot used for both the master volume and master tone controls in Fender's USA Vintage Reissue Jaguars. We buy these pots directly from Fender, they're the right part for this application if vintage wiring is desired.

Be advised: These pots have 1/4" diameter shafts (6.35mm), and they are designed for knobs that are held on with a setscrew. Most imported guitars that have setscrew knobs come with metric pots with 6mm shafts - and accordingly, they come with knobs with 6mm holes - and these knobs will not fit on our pots unless the hole in the knob is enlarged to 1/4".

While this might seem like no big deal, in practice it's not something the average consumer will find trivial. A drill bit that grabs a metal knob and spins it in the hand risks cutting the hand, and especially if it has a setscrew sticking out on one side. Unless you have a drill press and a way to hold the knob from spinning without marring it, you might find it advisable to buy new knobs. All of the Fender and Callaham setscrew knobs we sell will work, they all have 1/4" bores and are designed for CTS pots with solid shafts.

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Customer Reviews

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Robert Bayer
Just what was needed

My volume pot in my amp was going bad. This CTS pot did the trick. High quality and fast shipping...what more do you need.

Gary A. Black (gbmusart999)
quality replacement pot

Easy to install quiet volume pot. You may have to adjust inside washer to line up controls evenly on the front

Bryan Favre
Perfect for upgrade pots on Squier 40th Anniversary vintage Jazzmaster

Theses are top notch Pots , I’ve never had a problem with their products , Toneshaper’s are the Best , Great parts , Service and they answer the phone and are full of helpful advice and expertise

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