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CTS Pot, 1M Linear, Split Shaft

CTS Pot, 1M Linear, Split Shaft

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  • 1 Meg Linear Taper
  • Split-Shaft (Push-On Knobs)
  • Knurled Shaft - 24 Teeth
  • 3/8-32 UTS Bushing Thread
  • .250" Bushing Length (Mount to Pickguard or Control Plate)
  • Low Torque (Dimpled Back - Turns Easily)

We sell these pots individually, the image shows two so that you can see more detail.

This is the pot used for the master volume control in Fender's USA Vintage Reissue Jazzmaster. We buy these pots directly from Fender, they're the right part for this application if vintage wiring is desired.

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Warren Haynes


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