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Fender Bracket + (2) Fender Roller Knobs, for Jaguar Mini Pots

Fender Bracket + (2) Fender Roller Knobs, for Jaguar Mini Pots

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These are the parts you'll need to complement our Jaguar wiring kit. These genuine Fender parts are the ones that Fender used in the '62 American Vintage Jaguar reissue guitars. We buy these roller knobs and brackets directly from Fender, and we buy the pots in our Jaguar wiring kits directly from Fender, so you can be assured these are the right parts to fit our wiring kit.

The bracket is used to mount the Jaguar's mini pots to its control plate. Screws included. The roller knobs are anodized aluminum, and are held onto the pot shafts with a setscrew.

PLEASE NOTE: This kit fits vintage Fender guitars and USA-made vintage reissues. It will not fit the pots that come in some of the imported guitars, either Fender Japan or Squier. If you want to use this kit on one of those guitars, you'll need to replace the wiring components as well. Our Jaguar wiring kit is just what you'll need.

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