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Fender Knob Set, Concentric, Plastic, Black

Fender Knob Set, Concentric, Plastic, Black

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Genuine Fender knob set, for CTS concentric pots with (1) .185" and (1) .265" solid shaft. Both knobs are held on with setscrews.

Be advised, these are injection molded, and molded plastic parts shrink as they cool. This dimensional change is factored in when the mold is made, but still, we have seen some of these knobs where the hole was slightly too small to fit on the pot shaft. You might need to drill the hole slightly larger to fit your pot, perhaps as much as .010" larger, depending on the exact diameter of your pot shafts.

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Customer Reviews

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mike christensen
Concentric knobs

Arrived quickly. Knobs were put on a CTS dual concentric pot. A medium rat tail file was used to slightly enlarge the hole in the lower knob. Top knob fit fine. I like indicators on my controls These are great. Look good on my 47 Gibson BR6 lap steel.

Keith Sills (keiths1947)
Fender parts at your fingertips

Fit perfectly and great quick shipping

Fender concentric knobs are great!

Knobs for these CTS concentric knobs are not that easy to find, but these worked great for me. As stated in the ad when I purchased, the bottom knob requires a little adjustment. I used a small round file to open it up a bit, then I found a metric allen wrench that I was able to fit in the hole and spin it around several times. It made a perfect hole size for the bottom pot. The top knob required no adjustment. Very happy with the product!!

Shawn Case (caseandson)
True Fender

It's exactly what you think it is. Having said that make sure you measure any third party pots. I bought a 500k/500k pot made by CTS. The outer ring was 9/32", so I had to drill it out. Also, each knob has a different size allen screw, neither of which are provided.
All in all a great product for that specific need.

Hi, thanks for the great review! However, we think maybe you meant to say that the Allen *wrenches* were not provided, rather than the screws. The two screws are definitely provided. Thanks again!


Great knob will be perfect for my custom build.

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