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Fender Neck Plate, Chrome, Corona, No Adjustment Hole

Fender Neck Plate, Chrome, Corona, No Adjustment Hole

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This genuine Fender neck plate is made of chrome-plated aluminum. Screws included. This fits nearly all Fender guitars and basses ever made (there are exceptions, but if your guitar or bass came from Fender with a neckplate that had 4 screws, this plate will fit).

The caveat is that this plate has no adjustment hole for Fender's neck-tilt adjustment. Many modern Fender products have a neck-tilt adjustment, where a hex wrench is used to adjust the angle of the neck. If your guitar's body has a hole between the bottom two screw holes, and there's a setscrew down in that hole, you'll want a different plate (Fender's PN 0991445000 - we don't stock it), that has a corresponding hole that allows you to adjust the neck tilt without removing the neck from the body.

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