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Kit, Fender Pickguard, Mint Green, Aged White Accessory Kit, Stainless Hardware

Kit, Fender Pickguard, Mint Green, Aged White Accessory Kit, Stainless Hardware

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This genuine Fender pickguard and accessory kit will fit most Strats that have the modern 11-hole perimeter spacing. Fender has used other perimeter hole patterns over the years, so if you're not sure whether your guitar uses the modern 11-hole screw pattern, please refer to our images above for clarification.

The included pickup covers will fit pickups with traditional construction, including most vintage-style pickups from most manufacturers (Fender, Fralin, Lollar, Suhr, Duncan, etc). They will not fit non-traditional pickups such as Fender Noiseless/SCN/N3, Kinman, Stacked pickups from Duncan and DiMarzio, etc.

The switch & trem arm tips - and the included hardware - is appropriate for most USA and Mexican guitars. The switch tip and 6-32 machine screws will fit CRL and Oak-Grigsby switches as used by Fender on USA production since 1954. The tremolo arm tip will fit arms with 10-32 threads (Fender USA, Callaham). The pickup screws are 6-32, like the switch screws. These are the sizes used by Fender for more than 60 years, but there are many non-Fender, Strat-like guitars out there that have metric components, or modified body shapes, or different tremolo sizes, or other deviations from Fender dimensions. If your guitar is not a genuine Fender, these parts might not fit. Please verify that your guitar's dimensions and components are similar to Fender's before you order.

Back cover plate included with the accessory kit DOES NOT match the pickguard. Fender makes a matching back cover plate that is available as a separate item.

  • Genuine Fender pickguard, modern 11-hole perimeter spacing. The right high-quality parts for your project!
  • Genuine Fender accessory kit includes knobs, pickup covers, switch tip, tremolo arm tip. Everything you need.
  • Stainless hardware:
    • Pickguard/backplate/jackplate screws
    • Pickup & switch-mounting screws
    • Pickup height-adjust springs.
  • Fits most USA, Mexican, and Japanese FENDER Strats. View our images for more detail regarding compatibility!
  • Pickups ARE NOT included!
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