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Fender Stratocaster Pickguard, 11-Hole, Tortoise Shell

Fender Stratocaster Pickguard, 11-Hole, Tortoise Shell

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This genuine Fender pickguard will fit most Strats that have the modern 11-hole perimeter spacing. Fender has used other perimeter hole patterns over the years, so if you're not sure whether your guitar uses modern 11-hole, please refer to our images for clarification.

There are many non-Fender, Strat-like guitars out there that have modified body shapes, or different tremolo sizes, or other deviations from Fender dimensions. If your guitar is not a genuine Fender, this part might not fit perfectly. Please verify that your guitar's dimensions and components are similar to Fender's before you order.

  • Genuine Fender pickguard, modern 11-hole perimeter spacing. The right high-quality parts for your project!
  • Fits most USA, Mexican, and Japanese Fender Strats. View our images for more detail regarding compatibility.
  • Screws and pickups not included
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