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Fender Knob Set, Telecaster, Pure Vintage '60s w/ Top Hat Switch Tip

Fender Knob Set, Telecaster, Pure Vintage '60s w/ Top Hat Switch Tip

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Genuine Fender knob set, with genuine Fender switch tip. The knobs fit CTS pots with 1/4" solid shafts, and the switch tip fits CRL or Oak-Grigsby switches (these are the components brands found in most current USA and Mexican Fender guitars).

The knobs can be used on imported pots too, but won't fit well if the pots have metric shafts (which is almost surely the case). These knobs have a 1/4" hole, which is about 6.35mm, whereas most imported pots are designed for knobs with 6mm holes. So while they will work, they won't fit the way they're supposed to.

The switch tip is designed for the original CRL switches that Fender began using in the 1950s, and also fits the Oak-Grigsby lever switches that Fender began using several decades later, and that they still use today. It will likely not fit imported switches very well.

The knobs are chrome-plated aluminum, held on with setscrews. The tops are mirror finish.

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Customer Reviews

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Patricia Simokovich
ToneShapers always delivers!

ToneShapers always delivers!

Amazing quality.

Fit perfectly on my Fishman fluence tele Greg Koch signature pu set.Fast shipping too.

james graves (jbg1954)

Fast service thank you

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