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Gavitt Wire

Wire, 4-Conductor, 28 AWG

Wire, 4-Conductor, 28 AWG

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This is 4-conductor wire as used on many humbucking pickups. Price shown is per foot, add as many feet to your cart as you'd like. If you add 50 feet or more, 20% will be deducted from the price. If you add 100 feet or more, 30% will be deducted.

This wire has four 28 AWG insulated conductors (red/white/black/green), plus an uninsulated wire, all running through a shielded outer jacket. It is by far the most convenient way to wire the switch in a Les Paul to the volume pots and jack. The bare wire is in contact with the shielded outer jacket (which is lined with aluminum-coated mylar), so connecting the bare wire to any ground means that the outer jacket - or sheath - is grounded, and all four insulated conductors are shielded from unwanted sources of EMI/RFI (noise - radio signals, magnetic fields, etc.). The purpose is to keep unwanted noise from getting into your signal. We assume you don't want unwanted noise in your signal (there's a pun in there somewhere...)

Each of the 4 conductors is 28 AWG 7/36, meaning it's seven strands of 36 AWG wire twisted together, so the overall wire gauge is 28 AWG.

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