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Gavitt Wire

Wire, Cloth Push Back, 22 AWG Tinned Overcoat, Black

Wire, Cloth Push Back, 22 AWG Tinned Overcoat, Black

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Cloth push back wire, 22AWG. This type of wire is sometimes called push back wire because its textile insulation can be pushed back rather than stripped. That said, we prefer to strip it.

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This is the wire that pretty much everyone in the industry uses: Fender, Gibson, Duncan, Fralin, etc. Textile insulated wire used to be the norm in the 1930s and 1940s, but it's tough to scare up today. Fortunately the company that's been making it for half a century is still making it, and here it is!

The wire is 22 AWG 7/30, meaning it's seven strands of 30 AWG wire twisted together, so the overall wire gauge is 22 AWG. We take the extra step of ordering it with a tinned overcoat, meaning that the twisted wire is run through a tin bath, locking the seven strands together. This not only makes the wire easy to solder to, but also makes it hold its shape extremely well. Once you get the hang of it, you can really turn out some beautiful wiring with this wire!

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Customer Reviews

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Great wire

This wire is great. Easy to work with and the cloth insulation gives a classic look. Perfect for my Les Paul Special project.

Shawn Stewart
Great Wire!

Very easy to work with and holds its shape well

Gary Higginbotham
It’ll do…

Even though you state that you filled this border seven days ago, I just got the item in the mail yesterday…. Still not bad on time, but…


Good quality fast delivery

J.D Andrade
Good quality.

This is good quality wiring cable , thicknesses is good for small circuits.

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