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Gavitt Wire

Wire, Shielded Push Back, 22 AWG Stranded

Wire, Shielded Push Back, 22 AWG Stranded

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Cloth push back wire, 22AWG. This type of wire is sometimes called push back wire because its textile insulation can be pushed back rather than stripped. That said, we prefer to strip it.

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This is the wire that Gibson has used on many guitars since the 1940s. If you're not familiar with braided wire, it's coaxial, meaning that the inner conductor that carries the signal is surrounded by braid that is connected to ground. The braid acts as shielding against extraneous sources of EMI/RFI (radio signals, magnetic fields, etc.), behaving as a force field (you know, like in Star Trek!) to intercept these noise sources and shunt them to ground so they don't get into the signal.

Gibson used this wire extensively, whereas Fender did not. It's not usually necessary: While shielding is a good thing, it's often far easier to shield the control cavity with foil or conductive paint than it is to shield the wire and components that make up the circuit. There are exceptions, like ES-335s. But Les Pauls, SGs, and many other Gibson models can be comprehensively shielded easily.

But this wire is traditional. Many people love that vintage vibe, and so we include this wire plus the more modern 4-conductor wire in many of our wiring kits, so people can use the wire they want.

Textile insulated wire used to be the norm in the 1930s and 1940s, but it's tough to scare up today. Fortunately the company that's been making it for half a century is still making it, and here it is!

The wire is 22 AWG 7/30, meaning it's seven strands of 30 AWG wire twisted together, so the overall wire gauge is 22 AWG.

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Gene Oates
Good Quality

Quality of component is good, no issues, easy to use.

Charles Baldwin

Good wire at a great price thank you

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