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Diagonal Cutters, KNIPEX 70-125 (5")

Diagonal Cutters, KNIPEX 70-125 (5")

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Overall Length: 5"

These diagonal cutters are just what you need for cutting guitar strings. There are lots of diagonal cutters out there, and finding just the right ones can be a little daunting. You don't want flush or semi-flush cutters, you don't want cutters designed for softer materials. And you don't want cheap, low-quality cutters that aren't going to do the job.

Made in Germany, these high-quality cutters fit the bill perfectly. If not abused, these cutters will literally last a lifetime. Their hardened, drop-forged jaws are perfect for guitar strings, and their price is half or less what some cutters out there cost.

The size is perfect. Not longer than needed, at 5" they'll fit into any guitar case or gig bag pocket, yet provide all the leverage needed to cut through strings like butter.

Good stuff!

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