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Seymour Duncan

Seymour Duncan Classic Stack Plus Strat Set, White (STK-S4)

Seymour Duncan Classic Stack Plus Strat Set, White (STK-S4)

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The Classic Stack Plus neck pickup looks and sounds like a true Stratocaster single-coil but with none of the traditional single-coil hum. It's got all of the sparkle and the chime that you would expect from a vintage Strat pickup.

Like its neck counterpart, the Classic Stack Plus middle pickup provides all of the classic Strat chime. However, Duncan builds it RWRP to give you that perfect in-between sound of positions 2 & 4 when split to keep the set completely hum-free in all selector positions.

Complete the set with the Classic Stack Plus bridge pickup, which is wound slightly hotter than the neck and middle models to provide an even balance and output between positions. Back in the '80s Duncan patented a special bottom coil that actually injects negative hum into the pickup circuit and at the end of the production process, they fine tune each pickup for maximum noise cancelation. You get all the great qualities of a classic Strat pickup, and none of the hum.

Hand built in Santa Barbara, CA, the Classic Stack Plus Stratocaster pickups use hand ground alnico 5 rod magnets and come with a splittable 3-conductor lead wire to give you access to true single coil operation. Each pickup is wax potted for squeal free performance.

One cool way to wire these is to use a 4-pole superswitch. Duncan has produced two wiring diagrams for these pickups that use a superswitch (see the images above), one for a volume/tone setup, and the other for a volume/tone/tone setup. The 4-pole switch allows you to split the pickups automatically in the 2 & 4 positions so that you truly mimic those essential Strat tones:

  • Position 5: neck humbucker
  • Position 4: neck single-coil + middle single-coil
  • Position 3: middle humbucker
  • Position 2: bridge single-coil + middle single-coil
  • Position 1: bridge humbucker

This gives you hum-canceling in all five positions. We've put the diagrams in our images section to make it easy for you to find them.

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