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Seymour Duncan

Seymour Duncan '59 Neck, Zebra, 4-Conductor (SH-1n)

Seymour Duncan '59 Neck, Zebra, 4-Conductor (SH-1n)

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The '59 neck model (SH-1n) is one of Duncan's most popular pickups because it's so versatile. Like its bridge-position sibling, the '59 neck is designed in the spirit of the original P.A.F. humbuckers of the 1950s, with sweet sustain, and a warm, full sound that still possesses a clear attack. They've made a few refinements to slightly modernize the design and make it more adaptable to different styles. The high end is slightly boosted for improved pick-attack clarity and the mids are a little scooped for an open, smooth sound that's great for preserving the clarity of the individual notes in a chord. The '59 neck was born to accompany the '59 bridge, but countless players pair it with a high output bridge humbucker, such as a JB or Custom. It's also a popular choice for humbucker-routed Telecasters.

The '59 model features a variety of traditional vintage treatments, such as 42AWG plain enamel magnet wire, long-legged nickel-silver bottom plate, and no logo. We order these pickups with four-conductor leads for coil splitting, and the '59's single coil mode is crystal clear. As with all of Duncan's P.A.F.-style pickups, the '59 vintage output humbucker is wound on Seymour's classic Leesona 102 pickup winding machine from the old Gibson factory in Kalamazoo, MI.

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