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Carling Mini Toggle Switch, 3PDT

Carling Mini Toggle Switch, 3PDT

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These mini-toggles are high quality, will serve many uses in electric guitar wiring. Threaded bushing is .240" diameter and .350" in length. Includes mounting hardware, including two nuts, lockwasher, flat keyed washer. No dress washer is provided, but we have a couple of styles of dress nuts available separately.

Standard-length lever provides additional leverage compared to stubby-style switches, making it easier to move the lever.

3PDT means three-pole, double-throw. These switches are essentially three switches in one, and can be used to do cool things that a DPDT (double pole) switch cannot. For example, while a DPDT switch can simultaneously split two humbuckers (using one of its poles to split each pickup), the third pole on this switch would allow you to simultaneously engage a 470k resistor, dropping the pot loading of a 500k volume pot down to 250k, approximating the pot value that's more commonly used with single coils. Pretty cool. It could also split three humbuckers simultaneously, such as in a Strat with three single-coil-sized Duncan humbuckers installed.

  • High quality mini toggle for guitar wiring projects
  • 3PDT design supports more advanced wiring options than a DPDT switch
  • Carling is the switch of choice in many stompboxes because of their durability
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Customer Reviews

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Duane A. Forrand
They are as advertised, only 1 disappointment.

They didn't come with a dress washer for under the nut

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