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Carling Mini Toggle Switch, DPDT (6 Pack)

Carling Mini Toggle Switch, DPDT (6 Pack)

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These mini-toggles are high quality, will serve many uses in electric guitar wiring. Threaded bushing is .240" diameter and .350" in length. Includes mounting hardware.

DPDT means double-pole, double-throw. These switches are essentially two switches in one, and can be used to split one or two humbuckers. They can be used to toggle a humbucker's two coils between series and parallel, or to connect two pickups together in series or parallel. There are many uses for them in guitar wiring - they can be used in any scheme that calls for a DPDT switch.

  • High quality mini toggle for guitar wiring projects
  • DPDT design supports many popular wiring options (series/parallel, coil-split, phase reversal, more)
  • Carling is the switch of choice in many stompboxes because of their durability
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