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Fender 3-Way Toggle Switch, Right-Angle (Jazzmaster)

Fender 3-Way Toggle Switch, Right-Angle (Jazzmaster)

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3-position pickup-selector switch, sourced from Fender. This right-angle toggle switch has been used by Fender in Jazzmaster guitars since 1958. This is the same switch style that Gibson used in some of its thinner guitars, such as the original SGs, as well as several others. But we order this particular part from Fender, so it ships with the hex nut and washer that Fender uses on Jazzmasters, rather than the knurled nut that Gibson has always used. It also ships with a cream-colored Switchcraft switch tip.

The switch comes with pre-tinned lugs, leading a few customers over the years to wonder if they've received a used switch! Not the case, we assure you we don't sell used switches.

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