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Switchcraft Jack, 1/4" Mono, Long Bushing

Switchcraft Jack, 1/4" Mono, Long Bushing

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We sell these jacks individually, the image shows two so that you can see more detail.

The best guitar jacks are made by Switchcraft - this is the brand that pretty much every American guitar company has used since the 1940s, and it's also widely used in industry and aerospace.

We stock these Switchcraft panel-mount jacks in two bushing lengths (the bushing is the threaded part). The short-bushing jack is the one that came on almost every Strat, Tele, and Les Paul ever made. However, while we find this to be the best choice for Strats and Les Pauls - or really for any application where the jack will be mounted to a thin plastic or metal substrate (such as the jackplates used on Strats and Les Pauls), we feel that the long-bushing jack is often the better choice for Teles (except where an Electrosocket is being used), and for rear-routed guitars where the jack will be mounted through the body, like SGs, ES-335s, and Les Paul Specials.

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