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Switchcraft 3-Way Toggle Switch, Right-Angle, 5-Pack

Switchcraft 3-Way Toggle Switch, Right-Angle, 5-Pack

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5-pack of genuine Switchcraft 3-position pickup-selector switches. This right-angle toggle switch has traditionally been used by Gibson in thinner guitars like SGs and Les Paul Specials.

We stock three different Switchcraft toggle switches to fit in various types of guitars, please reference our drawing above for accurate dimensions of each, plus additional helpful information.

We include the deep nuts that are needed with this switch type. Please refer to the illustration in the images section for a clear understanding of why this is needed.

Switch tips sold separately. We recommend genuine Switchcraft tips such as the ones we sell, they're available in several colors and they fit the switch properly. Switch tips that come on many imported guitars like Epiphone, Tokai, Burny, etc. will not fit on this switch. They have metric threads, where these Switchcraft switches have an 8-32 SAE thread.

The switches come with pre-tinned lugs, leading a few customers over the years to wonder if they've received a used switch! We assure you we don't sell used switches; if you look at Switchcraft's catalog images, you can clearly see their tinned lugs.

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