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Tele Jack Cup, Polished Nickel

Tele Jack Cup, Polished Nickel

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Polished aluminum jack cup for Telecaster. Includes 2 stainless screws to mount in a standard Tele jack hole, the screws toenail in at an angle so as to hold the jack cup securely in place. The concave inner shape "funnels" the plug into the jack, making it easy to plug the guitar in.

Threaded for Switchcraft jacks, which simply screw into the hole, no other hardware required. However, we include three thick lockwashers that may be used between the jack and the back of the jack cup, for use if a long Switchcraft jack (SW-L11) is being used. This prevents the threaded barrel of the jack from protruding more than desired, which could otherwise negate some of the funneling effect.

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Dean DeLeo


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