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Brass Brush

Brass Brush

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Overall length: 7"

We spoke with Lindy Fralin about removing corrosion from magnetic polepieces on pickups. His suggestion was that brass would be the perfect material. You don't want to use anything with steel in it - like steel wool or typical steel-bristled brushes - since steel dust and broken strands can work their way into the pickup and short it or open the coil (they will be powerfully attracted to the pickup coil due to the magnetic pull). Every guitar tech has seen many guitars come in with steel wool dust all over the pickups' polepieces, and it's not that easy to remove.

These brushes are perfect. Strong yet soft (relative to steel-bristled brushes), but non-magnetic. Comfortable to hold and inexpensive. Useful for many chores in the shop or around the house.

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